Sandy Hansen (President and Sue Franz (President Elect)
Have teamed to sew over 3,000 Protective Masks!
We also have other non-rotary Sewists who are contributing protective masks, gowns, and booties.
Charles Elwood—and family—from the Noon Club (who has spearheaded this effort) is printing 3-D Face Shields and also sewing/stringing masks.
David Beattie (IPP & Board Chair) is stringing masks with elastic and coordinating shipping out of the Club's Southside Distribution Center
with assistance from Linda Falstad from Holland's East Side (Holland Heights).
We are still cranking and the demand for masks, especially from non-profits and communities at risk remains steady. 
Check Here for more Information on Rotary in Action & to See How You can Help!
We are Partnering with the Holland Noon Club to provide PPE.
This is an Amazing Holland Rotary Story !
... and here is the link for Mask Requests
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Every meeting, members are encouraged to be "leaders and doers" through programs that move us to consider our role in our communities and our world.
Polio Eradication, Local Literacy Programs, Potable Water, Environmental Sustainability, World Peace Scholarships. 

Our Youth Exchange program is one of the best in the world; sending out and hosting students from around the world in Holland every year. 

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